Point Comfort 

A leading company in the field of manufacturing comfort and sleep equipment, as it manufactures all kinds of comforter sets, pillows, mattresses and accessories with very high quality and international specifications that compete with its quality in the local and international markets.

Point Comfort is one of the distinguished companies in its production with a high degree of professionalism in this field and within high-quality specifications for those looking for comfort and sophistication

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide products in accordance with international standards and specifications that we adopt through the creation of types and models that are not put on the market and are not repeated to the point that customers will notice their excellence

Our Objectives:

Our main goal is to continue to develop and improve production to become a complete and integrated company that manufactures accessories and amenities for those who are interested in excellence, comfort, sophistication in our production and products

Our Team:

A team with extensive experience in this field has been selected among very distinguished technical cadres, which will help us achieve goals and business and what is distinctive and raise the level of global and local markets with a high degree of professionalism

Our Services:

We are very keen on providing and providing all amenities to our valued customers as we do our distinctive products of microfiber pillows and natural feather pillows that are cold in summer and warm in winter, and our company is characterized by the production of Memory Foam sanitary pads with very high quality specifications and competes with international markets in addition to better manufacturing and production And the finest types of medical and regular mattresses at a high level of quality and comfort.

We also provide customers with all kinds of covers for mattresses and pillows of 100% natural cotton, as we are always keen to develop and offer everything new and distinctive on our products.